May 9, 2024

Dear Mom and Dad;

Hello!  This is your loving daughter, Mary.  How is your day going?  I hope you are doing well.  I was wondering...Can I PLEASE have a new puppy?

I would really, really, REALLY, love to have a pet puppy.  If you buy a pet for the family I will walk it every day and feed and bathe it whenever you ask.  You will not have to do a thing only play with it.  I will do chores without you asking.  I will clean up the playroom and empty the dishwasher every single day. I will even help you cook supper.  Having a pet is a great idea because it will give us lots of exercise. After all, we will be walking him every day.  It will teach us responsibility, too, because we will pick up after him.  

I hope you consider this request.  I will be anxiously awaiting your reply.  Please take as long as you need then write back.

Your loving daughter,