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Happy Easter Centres in Our Class

Charlotte's Web Presentations

Congratulations to Our Bright and Positive Student

Congratulations to Our Colouring Contest Winner

Say Cheese...

Making a Beautiful Kindness Chain

Darting Outdoors for Education Week

Getting Our Door Decorated for Spring

Lucky to Be in Grade Three

Learning Centre Time

What a Great Group of Grade Threes!

Another Day of Learning

Learning About and Celebrating Pink T-Shirt Day

Building Strong Bridges in Science

Outdoor Fun Day was a Hit!

Reaching Out to Support Our Community

The Grade Three students thoroughly enjoyed creating adventure stories about the animals that are up for adoption at our local SPCA, Baccalieu Trail. The children worked in small groups to brainstorm, write, and edit imaginary stories about what the animals might do on any given day. They were so excited to learn a little about the SPCA and to see photos of the animals that are available for adoption.

Learning Centres  

Here is what a typical day in our classroom looks like... some paper and pencil writing, some hands-on learning, some reading, and lots of learning!

Our Kindness Award Recipient!

Kindness Week Continues...Filling Kindness Jars for our Friends

Congratulations to our Valentine's Day Winners

Creative Story Writing

100th Day of School

Happy Valentine's Day

Kindness Week and Pancake Celebrations!

Fun in Gym with Ms. Lynch

Valentine's Day Art

Flashlight Friday

It's Dress as a Character Day and we Had So Much Fun

Congratulations to our Bookmark Contest Winner

We Are All Well Read

Thank You to Our Two Awesome Parent Readers!  

Learning a New Word Building Game

Descriptive Snowman Writing

Enjoying a Fresh and Crisp Winter Day

The Gingerbread Entries and the Classroom Winner!

Students Visit Our Art Gallery to select a Winner!

Look at the Sweetest Present in Our Class Today!

The Mummers Have Arrived at BRP!

Winter White Day

Grinch Day

Christmas Sweater Day

The Incredible Elf

Practising for the Big Night!

Having Fun Creating a Gingerbread Mural